Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bonjour Mia Farrow!

I have french guests arriving this afternoon. They have rented bikes and I´m taking them to my neighbouring neighbourhood, Käpylä, to enjoy a village-feast. Lots of performers and fleamarkets, stalls and people from near and far. At the same time some 5000 (and more) runners hit the streets to run the Helsinki City Marathon. The weather is treating us all, beautiful sunshine.
In the evening I´m meeting up with my dear friend Nina who is currently working on a theatre project in Finland, she is a goddess when it comes to dress design. She resides in the US so I seldom see her. But tonight she is all mine. Though, I might have to share her with other friends;)
I myself am enjoying life as short haired! It´s apparently very very very similar to Mia Farrow´s hair in this picture:

It was my sweet neighbour who pointed ut the resemlance. She even said I was a lookalike to Mia but that is stretching it a bit too far in my opinion...

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!


Floss said...

Ooh, do we get to see a photo? That's the haircut my mum had all through my childhood, so I really like it (she spent childhood hating her plaits and ringlets, so decided to live the rest of her life free of long hair). Have a lovely time with your friend.

akissfromthepast said...

short hair is so easy to manage. i have little bit longer and every time wind blows..i have a bird nest in my hair.