Monday, 1 August 2011


This morning I felt a little twist in my tummy as I realised it´s august. I´ve had this august-tummy-twist forever. I don´t know why I feel a little sad, schools start in augusta and I used to like going to school. Autumn is so beautiful and I like the velvet skies in august...but something changes, the light and the colours change. Perhaps I don´t like change?

I made the most delicious zucchini-soup. I gently fried an onion in oil, added a large sliced zucchini and poured water that just covered the ingredients. Add vegetable bouillon (I only had cubes). Let boil until the zucchini has gone soft. I used a blender to puree the soup. Then I added two large spoons of unflavored soft cheese, white pepper and two spoonfuls of dried chantarelles. Let boil to let the cheese melt. Enjoy with dry white wine and dark bred with butter.

Above you can see that at least someone in this household knows it's dignity :D


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Nina;
And, always at least one paw ready for action!

akissfromthepast said...


i like your chair - it has very interesting fabric design :) and your wallpaper in this blog is now more delicious than ever :)
i think i have changed enormously- i used to hate autumns but now over the last past 10 years i have loved august as much as other times too... :D