Saturday, 13 August 2011

Full moon

Today has been one of those really lovely sunny and warm august days. I baked ryebread. And made salmon soup. Delicious combination. Today was also the annual "claim our street" -event in my neighbourhood. All the neighbouring houses carried out tables and had dinner in the street. And so did we. No cars allowed!

It´s full moon tonight. I can see it clearly from my window. August full moon.
The Neville Brothers Yellow Moon is such a classic. But the moon I see from my window is not yellow, it´s actually silver.
Last night you could apparently see lots and lots of shooting stars. I did not see any though I stood for quite long in the garden looking up at the stars. I saw a star that was flirting with me. It kept blinking;) Or is it perhaps called twinkle. Anyway, it was defenatley more than just "I´m a star in the sky and I twinkle". I also saw a few stars that weren´t all that sure if they were shooting stars or satellites or just space to be on the safe side I decided to secretly wish as I wasn´t all that sure if I saw a shooting star or if it was just my imagination!

Above. Le chat. Not noir, but the tail resembles the famous Steinlen poster Le Chat Noir.

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Henrietta said...

Oli hieno kuutamo eilen, mie kattelin kans takapihalla ja yritin ottaa pari kuvaa. Lentotähtiä en nähnyt mutta nautin kauneudesta. Ihana tuo kissa ikkunassa:)