Friday, 30 September 2011


The weekend is here. I have a few very nice things ahead. This afternoon I´m meeting my swedish friend L, she has just arrived for the day in Helsinki and so happy that we have time to meet! Later an exhebition opening. The one I posted about previously. I shall attend. Tomorrow I'm off to Tampere for the day. This is just a short post to wish you a wonderful weekend. Above is the back of an antique religious relic.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Roses as an award

I received roses from A kiss from the past, a humble thank you for the generous gesture. With the roses arrived a little request to have me reveal five things about myself. Here it goes. I think I may by mistake have been born in the wrong century, especially when it comes to visual preferance, I seem to always want to choose about 100yrs old rather than todays preferences. I have a tiny spider living in my chandelier. I have not yet seen it, but I have seen the web it is making, fabulous piece of craftmanship. I know it is by no means ready yet! It doesn´t bother me and I also do not feel I ought to get rid of my spider lodger...well, if it turns out to be a very hairy and large tarantella type of spider, then I´ll even get help to have it evicted. But a small hairy one, I don´t mind, there ought to be room for us all;) I flirt. I seriosly think am a cat-whisperer. I have taught my cat a few tricks. And she has only been living with me for soon 4 months. For ex. when I am about to hoover, I knock on a wooden box under my bed and say that now I will hoover and belive it or not, my cat climbs into this box and I can hoover without first freaking her out (she is oh so terribly scared of the hoover). And I find this amazing. And I also think I ought to write a bestseller book on the topic and it will most probably end up a hollywood movie. I think Robert Redford could play me in the movie. I could not live without music. There´s always a tune in me. That vibrates in me and that I secretly hum, and sometimes not so secretly... I share the roses with all of you dear readers. I could not pick one, nor pick five.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Coincidence on a sunday

I have a favorite blog called Five from the ground. They also have a shop and an online shop. In Japan. What I love about the blog is the art of composition in the images. It is such a visual pleasure to visit. I have ordered a wireflower by Masao Seki from their online shop some years ago, and you might remember it beeing featured before on my blog. Above is my wireflower that I have placed inside my huuuuuuge glass dome. And have a look at this image from Five from the ground. What a coincidence;) I bought a pair of red tights on friday. Oh what joy! Especially combined with red nailpolish and red flower in my hair. Happy sunday dear friends!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

In love with Miranda

The 24th Helsinki International Film Festival Rakkautta & Anarkiaa is on right now. Unfortunately I didn't have all that much time to see many films, but today I saw The Future by Miranda July. I've seen her previous film, Me and you and everyone we know and have her two books. I became a fan now I saw this film. She really has a wierd way of looking at the world, but very humane and it is fascinating yet sad to see her characters act so irrational. But that is what makes us human, we do at times act irrational. I'm in love with Miranda July <3 Above is Paw Paw.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Last of this summers roses

Hopefully not the last, but among the last.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Romantic wabble in the middle of a storm

There´s a strong storm here in Helsinki. It was a wee bit heavy to cykle home last night! Had a warm shower, made some soup and wore wollen socks. And listened to the wind howling outside. And dreamed about a certain someone who unfortunalety is stuck in St. Petersburg and will not be back until next week :( But I can wait. I feel I could burst! But I assume there´s simply no point in bursting now when there¨s very little left of waiting. Be warned, following is over the top sweet. So if you are allergic to hollywood romance, skip this part. (I did not know I had this in me?!!!) And when he finally arrives there will be plenty of this and this. And this. I´m sooooo sorry for beeing this silly! But I have waited for sooooo long for this certain someone and now when he was due to arrive, it got postponed and I feel so dissapointed (which is silly really!). But next week he will be here. Happy midweek to you all. Above is an old tin from my childhood home.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Rose's theme at midnight

Last night the moon shone straight into my home. There it was, behind the trees. Lighting up my room. I was listening to Angelo Badalmentis music (Written for the film Straight Story. A lovely film by David Lynch.) I simply love this music. I love to play it in the evening, light plenty of candles and just breathe in and enjoy. So please, if you´ve had a hard day, dim the lights, lit a few candles, pour yourself a glass of wine or a nice cup of tea, find a good position and listen to this, this is Rose's theme. And if you haven't seen the film yet, I do recommend it.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


I had a lovely meeting with my knitting-group on thursday. There was lots of laughter and I´m very much looking forward to our next meeting. I really am lucky to belong to such a group. I even managed to get some knitting done;) Yesterday I rented a film called Another year by Mike Leigh. It left a very sad feeling on my skin. I had to drown my nose in a furry ball (my cat!) and sniff and remind myself that things are really fine, they really are. And to tell myself it was only a film. I liked all the characters. I loved the music. Oh we must make sure we do not end up alone. I´m not saying we must all find partners and get married and all that, and even if we have partners or are married we can still end up alone. What I mean is that we must try to be present in our lives. And to have people in our lives. Friends and lovers and relatives and husbands, girlfriends, neighbours, colleagues. And do things. I know at times it's easier said than done, but it was so sad how lonely some of the characters in the film were. There was happiness too. But it was surrounded by sadness. Today I met a client. She came to my house. I do not suggest meeting at my home, but she suggested she could collect her piece from my home today. I invited her in and she emmediately spotted my cat and they got on very well. She ended staying for quite a while. She now wants me to help her decorate a room in her home. We already started planning what changes she wants to have made and I look forward to proceeding. She adored my home. She asked so many times for permission to photograph corners and nooks...of course it is flattering to have someone drool over your home. I like it. No in fact I love my home. So does my cat by the sound of it! She is purring away next to me. Sweet little furry thing. Above is my pink line that has had a little scented addition since last. The pink soap. It's a chinese soap. You can buy them in asian stores for 20p. I think they are so sweet, wrapped in silkpaper, and the pretty labels and the scent. I usally have a bunch of these soaps stached in my drawers, they are really handy when you quickly need to have something or anyhting to give. I also have a box of wonderful postcards to write your greeting.

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Tonight I´m meeting up with my knitting group. That is something I´m very much looking forward to. We have met up every second thursday for 2 yrs now! Except during the summer. We know quite little about each other, but we have very personal and at times even serious talks. I find that very fascinating. I couldn´t for ex. say what profession some of the members have but at the same time I know very personal things about them. I´m knitting a scarf. For a certain someone. I was thinking it could be a christmas-present...maybe I knit socks and mittens too. This certain someone is currently in St. Petersburg. But will hopefully pay me a visit end of next week. Or I´ll die of longing! Above is my basilplant. I purchaised it in may!

Sunday, 4 September 2011


This weekend has been a feast, a loooong long party! On friday I attended the dress rehersal of La cage aux folles at the Helsinki City theatre. My friend is dancing in the production. I have to admit that I am slightly prejudiced with some musicals and farces. So I had very little or no expectations, and ended up clapping hands to the beat and had a great time! I left the theatre with a huuuuge smile on my face and humming the tune for "We are what we are" whilst cykling home. Yesterday I attended the "closing"-party of Ihana kahvila, my favorite café that opened this summer at Kalasatama ex-harbour area. It will resume next summer, but it is farewell for this season. Once again, a beautiful warm autumn night, spectacular view of my city, a great dj, dear friends and we danced for hours under a velvet sky. I simply love dancing! Cykled home with a smile on my face (again!), thinking, this was the summer when there was the Ihana kahvila and how nice it was to cykle out there, to meet up with dear friends. It was always such a pleasure to introduce the café to friends who had never been there or heard of it before. An oasis in my city. Tonight my dear dear friend and father of my godson, P, turns 40. And there is a party. I have been asked to sing, so I shall soon meet up with my friend M to rehears, she will accompany me on piano. There will be so many lovely people, so many dear friends. I have been looking forward to this party for a long time. I predict there will be many glasses raised, smiles, laughter, kisses and hugs, perhaps even a few tears. Happy tears. Have a wonderful sunday dear friends. Above is Jesus that I found at a fleamarket in Lovisa last weekend.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


If you look at the horses, the one on the right has just dropped some heavy news and the horse on the left seems shocked to hear that it´s september! No, it can´t be! Yes it is! It's my favorite month. Ot at least it feels great to call it my favorite month. Please let it not rain every day, please. I'm not very good at predicting weather changes and my mind seems to be wondering on other planets and I keep forgetting my raingear at home and it is not funny at all to be soaking wet, even if it´s on your way home. Your glasses are sliding along your nose filled with water, you get blinded and it´s also a little colder now and my shoes take ages to dry and there´s no point with cykling if this is the way to go. So please, let it not rain every day.