Saturday, 10 September 2011


I had a lovely meeting with my knitting-group on thursday. There was lots of laughter and I´m very much looking forward to our next meeting. I really am lucky to belong to such a group. I even managed to get some knitting done;) Yesterday I rented a film called Another year by Mike Leigh. It left a very sad feeling on my skin. I had to drown my nose in a furry ball (my cat!) and sniff and remind myself that things are really fine, they really are. And to tell myself it was only a film. I liked all the characters. I loved the music. Oh we must make sure we do not end up alone. I´m not saying we must all find partners and get married and all that, and even if we have partners or are married we can still end up alone. What I mean is that we must try to be present in our lives. And to have people in our lives. Friends and lovers and relatives and husbands, girlfriends, neighbours, colleagues. And do things. I know at times it's easier said than done, but it was so sad how lonely some of the characters in the film were. There was happiness too. But it was surrounded by sadness. Today I met a client. She came to my house. I do not suggest meeting at my home, but she suggested she could collect her piece from my home today. I invited her in and she emmediately spotted my cat and they got on very well. She ended staying for quite a while. She now wants me to help her decorate a room in her home. We already started planning what changes she wants to have made and I look forward to proceeding. She adored my home. She asked so many times for permission to photograph corners and nooks...of course it is flattering to have someone drool over your home. I like it. No in fact I love my home. So does my cat by the sound of it! She is purring away next to me. Sweet little furry thing. Above is my pink line that has had a little scented addition since last. The pink soap. It's a chinese soap. You can buy them in asian stores for 20p. I think they are so sweet, wrapped in silkpaper, and the pretty labels and the scent. I usally have a bunch of these soaps stached in my drawers, they are really handy when you quickly need to have something or anyhting to give. I also have a box of wonderful postcards to write your greeting.


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

So this one time, it paid off to let the customer in your home. But I understand the hesitation. Such a personal space, one likes to keep it to oneself.
Admiring the perfume bottles.

Agneta said...

Nina Nina Nina,

Det är för djäv... att jag inte ger mig till känna oftare i Din sinnligt & kärleksfulla cybervärld. Blev sugen på att skriva några rader till Dig och skall se om jag hittar Din mailadress!

Glimtarna från Ditt hem är underbara och det är inte konstigt att folk känner sig trygga med Dig och Din omgivning.

Agneta with love

P.K said...

Pink is good for the soul. I like the Chinese soaps for decoration and their scent. Sandalwood is my favourite.

Rinna Pitsiunelma said...

Mullakin on iso laatikko täynnä postikortteja, koska jokaiseen mahdoliseen tilanteeseen pitää olla sopiva kuva-aihe (tämän olen oppinut äidiltäni).


akissfromthepast said...

toi saippua näyttää tutulle! ootahan kun postaan :D sitä ennen käyhän kurkkaa mitä mulla on tarjolla sillä välin :)