Thursday, 8 September 2011


Tonight I´m meeting up with my knitting group. That is something I´m very much looking forward to. We have met up every second thursday for 2 yrs now! Except during the summer. We know quite little about each other, but we have very personal and at times even serious talks. I find that very fascinating. I couldn´t for ex. say what profession some of the members have but at the same time I know very personal things about them. I´m knitting a scarf. For a certain someone. I was thinking it could be a christmas-present...maybe I knit socks and mittens too. This certain someone is currently in St. Petersburg. But will hopefully pay me a visit end of next week. Or I´ll die of longing! Above is my basilplant. I purchaised it in may!


akissfromthepast said...

Wonderful knitting group! ^^ those kind of gatherings are greatness :D your basil plant looks great whit the jar and the towel! have a nice knitting evening :)

Floss said...

The group sounds great and my basil plant is about the same age as yours, but isn't so beautifully displayed! I've got basil display envy now...


Hej Nina
Just catching up on your blog.
I LOVE basil it soo conjures up mediterranean summers for me ;-)
Oh sweet bliss. Floss is right it is soo beautifully displayed and I had a big smile on my face when I spoted the monogrammed handdukar
I'm glad it found the right home.
Ha en trevlig vecka