Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Roses as an award

I received roses from A kiss from the past, a humble thank you for the generous gesture. With the roses arrived a little request to have me reveal five things about myself. Here it goes. I think I may by mistake have been born in the wrong century, especially when it comes to visual preferance, I seem to always want to choose about 100yrs old rather than todays preferences. I have a tiny spider living in my chandelier. I have not yet seen it, but I have seen the web it is making, fabulous piece of craftmanship. I know it is by no means ready yet! It doesn´t bother me and I also do not feel I ought to get rid of my spider lodger...well, if it turns out to be a very hairy and large tarantella type of spider, then I´ll even get help to have it evicted. But a small hairy one, I don´t mind, there ought to be room for us all;) I flirt. I seriosly think am a cat-whisperer. I have taught my cat a few tricks. And she has only been living with me for soon 4 months. For ex. when I am about to hoover, I knock on a wooden box under my bed and say that now I will hoover and belive it or not, my cat climbs into this box and I can hoover without first freaking her out (she is oh so terribly scared of the hoover). And I find this amazing. And I also think I ought to write a bestseller book on the topic and it will most probably end up a hollywood movie. I think Robert Redford could play me in the movie. I could not live without music. There´s always a tune in me. That vibrates in me and that I secretly hum, and sometimes not so secretly... I share the roses with all of you dear readers. I could not pick one, nor pick five.

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akissfromthepast said...

Lovely confessions! I adore spider webs too, they look nice in chandelier in the sunsets..its like reminding how time passes etc.. i agree about the 100 years ago thing. im also fashinated all those old things, like they would be more familiar than new ones! its so hard to choose- i have same thing!!! :D i have now find out that the beautiful thing that you have in some of the pics are globe de marriée!!! how fascinating symbolism it has! i just written down nearly 2 pages of different meanings about it! wonderful! Rosy day to you! those roses fit your gipsy rose wallpaper in this site :D XOXO