Thursday, 1 September 2011


If you look at the horses, the one on the right has just dropped some heavy news and the horse on the left seems shocked to hear that it´s september! No, it can´t be! Yes it is! It's my favorite month. Ot at least it feels great to call it my favorite month. Please let it not rain every day, please. I'm not very good at predicting weather changes and my mind seems to be wondering on other planets and I keep forgetting my raingear at home and it is not funny at all to be soaking wet, even if it´s on your way home. Your glasses are sliding along your nose filled with water, you get blinded and it´s also a little colder now and my shoes take ages to dry and there´s no point with cykling if this is the way to go. So please, let it not rain every day.


akissfromthepast said...

how gossiping horses :) i love these two.
syksy on ihan huippua! uudet värit, tunnelmat ja kaikki!
mukavaa alkavaa syksyä ihana blogitoverini :D

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Nina,
We haven't had the best weather this August and I'm hoping that September will be warm and sunny. It has started well today as we have blue skies and sunshine !
I love the horses. They really look as if they are having a conversation ! ♥