Friday, 28 October 2011

And yet another weekend ahead

This week has been filled with yoga, trying to dress according to weather and finally give in and turn on the heating, dates with the most lovely person, fleamarket finds (I found a gorgeous vintage handbag!) and THIS has made me smile. Oh look what classy souldancing, and what style! Tonight I´m changing music styles, going to see Gimme another country. A country musical! And after the performance I´m going to have a few drinks with my colleagues. The annual Helsinki book fair is on and I´m going to pay a visit tomorrow. My absolute favorite cartoon-artist Nina Hemmingsson will be a guest, one of her albums has finally been translated to finnish. So I hope to catch her. I have her albums in swedish as it´s my mothertongue, but always happy when good stuff gets wider publicity. And on saturday evening I have been invited to a huuuuge housewarmingparty, a collective in the citycentre. Should be good. Lots of friends attending. Above is a old chandelier from a piano. I placed it in front of a mirror, it reflects a very warm light. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!


renilde said...

Oh Nina, your such a busy bee
the souldancing made me smile too and i feel like dancing right now :)
love the candlelight,'s that time of the year again, have fun, xx

akissfromthepast said...

sounds like wonderful weekend :) im happy that you found a vintage bag and having nice times :) that candle handle is great whit your mirror :)
have a wonderful weekend :)

P.K said...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. I like the mirror and candle very much.