Thursday, 6 October 2011

I love yoga!

I have trained Ashtanga yoga for a long time and since summer I have tried to do yoga daily and my body really is craving for the training. So I decided to broaden my training slightly and tried Kundalini yoga this morning for the first time. It was very interesting and not as hard as Ashtanga. In fact I think Kundalini is very good as a morning training . My body seems very happy. I love yoga! Have a wonderful thursday dear friends! Above is a little box from Habitat, very handy to store coins or earrings in;) The silk-covered box is made of a vintage sari and were sold at Designers Guild soon ten yrs ago!


Rinna Pitsiunelma said...

Eläköön tavarat, jotka kestävät 10 vuotta (ja yli) ja näyttävät aina yhtä kauniilta.

Alma said...

I love yoga too. It really helps feeling good.

Mathias said...

When I started doing Kundalini Yoga, I immediately fell in love with it. I love what I felt during and after every session – relaxation and connection. I guess the main purpose of Kundalini yoga, aside from strengthening the body, is creating a strong bond between the mind and spirit.

- Mathias Michelakis