Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A paintjob

I painted my old crappy shoes. They attracted quite a few positive comments when they were out and about today. Not sure how well these will last, but as they were old and crappy, I thought, they will last for as long as they are meant to last. And it was fun to do. I cannot take credit for the idea. I saw an image in a magazine once and thought, mmm, that is a great idea. need to try that sometime. And sometime is now. I cannot for the life of me remember who's image it was nor how the boots looked like. I have just come home from joga. I shall warm my soup from last night and enjoy a glass of organic red wine, I also have some dark chocolate that I will enjoy as desert. And as there is a storm out there, I will snug up with a good book and a warm cat and wish you a wonderful evening dear friends.



Hej NinA
LOVE the painted boots!
How unique!
LOVE PEACE enJOY your snuggly evening

akissfromthepast said...

Ojjoij miten upeet popot! en tiennytkään että osaat maalata noin taidokkaasti :) wau! hyväntuulen tossut! kotoisan leppoisaa iltaa sinne :)

Henrietta said...

Onpa sairaan hienot kengät. Millä maalilla maalasit, joku erikoismaali vai ihan akryyli!? Kyllä noilla kehtaa kävellä ja menisin niillä Helsingin pahimpaan merkkiliikkeeseen elvisteleen (mikä lie se on).

Alma said...