Friday, 14 October 2011

The weekend is here again!

I´ve had a wonderful week. The most lovely person stayed with me and we had time for each other. I shall spare you the romantic wabble. This time;) Tonight I´m attending a recordrelease consert. My friend is part of duo called Sepia. I have the cd already and some of the tunes are just so powerful that I crave for the music! I am so much looking forward to tonights consert. Here is a song called Envoi. Enjoy! Above is a certain someone caught admiring herself in the mirror. In this pic she just acts cool, as there was no mirror at all. I'm glad she likes herself, it's healthy! Have a wonderful weekend dears!

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akissfromthepast said...

Aivan mahtava katti. mä tykään hirveesti kissoista ja on niin kova kissakuume että ei mitään rajaa. :D semmoinen valkea, pitkäkarvainen sopis mun sisustukseenkin ^_^ hehe