Monday, 31 October 2011

You've been framed!

I have plenty of old frames stucked away. If I stumble upon a nice frame I usually purchaise it as I know that I eventually will find the perfect image or artwork for it. This frame was perfect for the image I showed in my previous post. I like the idea that this is a detail of a large painting at the Sistine chapel, I doubt many remembers this background figure. If you google "Sistine chapel prophet Ezekiel" you'll see the fantastic painting in colour. I´ve bee humming to this all day. Oh my! Happy monday my lovely!


linnea-maria said...

visst är det så! Ramar är alltid bra att ha. Vilken fin bild du har hittat. Intressant att se en liten detalj från en stor målning. Kram/ therese

Don said...

Nice little gem!

akissfromthepast said...

it look really nice whit this frame! oooo this song is awesome! i love the part where he is singing: "where you go to my love, when you are alone in your bed..." i once read some article about this song, i think it was from this particular song, where was told about the story behind this lyrics, and i found it was very interesting :).. but i dont remember anything more than it was interesting :)