Thursday, 24 November 2011


Work is so much fun! And I have also spotted a star. One of the actresses I had booked for the animation, whom had no previous experience in dubbing, turned out to be pretty darn good at the job (I knew she would!!!!). The other staff at the studio were impressed and I believe she will be booked for many more animations in the future! I have started a little art-project and as soon as I turned my back, my little helper had found one of my hatboxes open (this is where I keep materials) and spotted a perfect hidingplace. She was much too fast for me, so I only managed to catch a blurry image. It is raining today, got soaked when I cykled this morning. Luckily I have good raingear;) Keep dry and warm dear friends! I have been listening to Anna Ternheim. I really enjoy this song.

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renilde said...

Beautiful Anna, lovely porche, song suits the misty weather over here, makes it even more romantic.

Thanks for the Kate Bush link dear Nina, i will listen tomorrow when the house is quiet :), xx