Monday, 14 November 2011

More work

I had a fantastic call this morning, I was offered a really fun job, starting end of this month. I will be directing an animated series. Well, productionwise (casting and schedules) it started emmediately once I said yes. This means I´m going to be super-busy as I´m still involved in another project until end of the year. But I like a challenge and it´s super fun! The weekend was wonderful. On saturday I attended a party. I danced and enjoyed very good company, lovely food and wine. On sunday morning I met up with a bunch of friends for brunch that lasted until the afternoon! Sunday evening I spent with the most lovely person. Above is a chair in our garden.


renilde said...

To have a job you like is so important, it really increases the quality of life, i'm glad you have a fun job.
November mood in your garden, beautiful!! xx

Kenia Cris said...

every image here is a delight to the eyes. Congratulations on your new job! Wishing you the best of success.

linnea-maria said...

Det jobbet låter jätteroligt!! Vilken toppenhelg du har haft. Njut av ditt flow! Kram /Therese