Sunday, 20 November 2011


I woke up to a sunny day. I pre-listened to the new Kate Bush album whilst still in bed. Then I got up, put my trainers on and went out for a long walk that turned into a long run! It was fantastic to be out and running. I have felt so terribly tired the past week! Then I attended yoga in the afternoon and my body was very pleased. When I got home I picked the last crop of jerusalem artichokes and made a heavenly soup. Whatever you make of jerusalem artichokes, the outcome is always heavenly! Now my body is very happy! What a wonderful sunday!


renilde said...

I always loved Kate Bush, i'm very curious to hear her new record, xx

akissfromthepast said...

voin kuvitella jo melkein sen keiton mun nenässä :) keitot on herkullisia!
mäkin kävelin tänään pitkän lenkin, oli niin aurinkoista:) mukavaa iltaa ystäväiseni!

Nina said...

You can pre-listen to the new Kate Bush album via this link:

It will be released tomorrow. I will give it as christmas present to myself;)