Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rain, rain go away...

...come again another day!
Or rather another month! We had lovely winter weather and now it's all gone and it's pouring down with rain. I got soaked last night when I went for a run, it was lovely except for wet feet;) And soaking wet trainers isn't at all fun.
Lovely weekend ahead. Meeting up with friends tomorrow afternoon and we shall all go for a swim in the beautiful Yrjönkatu swimminpool. The page is in finnish but the top image will give you a hint of the beautiful interiour of the swimmingpool. In the evening the most lovely person is coming to my home (we decided to skip the light fandango and have a homely night instead).
On saturday my dear friend A is coming to stay for the night, she will be leaving for Frankfurt on sunday morning, so I am very happy to have her stay with me before her departure.
My brooch appeared on "Min morgon" morning telly yesterday, one of the guests wore a large peony. And the outcome was fantastic, I got plenty new orders. So I need to get busy making brooches...and that is great as it is something I really enjoy making. Here's a poor quality pic:

Also this week, my namesigns that I made during the summer for a broadcasting company, appeared on tv on wednesday as the talkshow "Lilla onsdag" season 3 kicked off.
And klicking on this link you'll be able to see the first sign.
Here's a poor pic also:

So, it's time to wish you a good weekend. I'm challenging myself to get out into the rain and attend's just a bit haaaaard as it's really pouring down and it's not tempting at all...and my apologies for the weather-moan!!!!


renilde said...

Oh nina how very lovely to have your work appreciated and shown, and it looks great!! x

akissfromthepast said...

upea! sun rintakorut on upeita! tuo sopii hänelle ihan nappiin! :D tee ihmeessä lisää!