Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I am stuck indoors as I have a deadline for a text in a few days and tomorrow I´m stuck in no less than three work meetings! The sun is out and it´s very mild. I´d love to jump on my skis and enjoy the forest and the beautiful landscape, the fresh air.
There will be time for that. Just not today.

Yesterday me and the most lovely person met up at the library, I needed to fetch a book I had ordered. Then we popped into an antiqueshop that was just about to close but the owner said we were welcome to have a look around. I found some lovely crystals and a catalogue of machines (you never know - it might be useful...?). Then we headed to the Ateneum art museum and saw the Carl Larsson exhebition. After we had dinner at a lovely restaurant, I had ah so delicious beetroot lasagne and a glass of white wine. On the way home we picked up traditional buns with cream and marzipan. At home we made tea, enjoyed the buns and lie on my bed and listened to a loooooong chapter of an audiobook. Then we fell asleep!

I´m not related to the young lady in the image. Just a photo I purchaised on etsy once. It was slightly torn so I made a passepartout of a bookpage and decorated it with flowers and managed to cover the torn part... It fits the frame perfectly.


Floss said...

Glad to hear of your lovely time! I think you've embelished that photo beautifully - I'd like to try something similar!

akissfromthepast said...

hieno tää uusittu ulkoasu :)
anna inpiraation vallata sinut :)

linnea-maria said...

Det låter som en alldeles härlig dag tycker jag! Vilken vacker bild du har gjort att fotot. Kramar /Therese

Rinna Pitsiunelma said...

Can I borrow your catalogue of machines sometime? I have an idea for a machine-themed drawing, but I can't do machine parts from my imagination.

Nina said...

Rinna, of course!