Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I used to go on and on about how I simply love cykling, but I think I shall go on and on about how I love running;)
I have again tonight completed a long run. Feels wonderful! Especially since I felt rather tired after a long day at work, but I made myself a smoothie consisting of strawberries, banana, raw chocolate beans, raisins and youghurt. Delicious and gave me energy. Though I had to wait for a few hrs for the smoothie to "settle" before I could run;) But I run under clear stars and on empty paths. Just me and the stars and lovely running music.

Saturdays Nightwish consert was fun but the music is really not my cup of tea. But what I truly enjoyed was watching a band that love what they do. And passionately!

On a sadder note, me and the most lovely person have decided not to date anymore. I believe we will become friends. I´m fine. Truly. Honestly.

Good night!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Nina,
First of all, I'm so sorry that your relationship has ended but, it was obviously for the best and you seem to be fine about it.
All of your running is making me feel guilty so I'd better try and do more exercise !!
....and, I hope that you painted your nails black !!....I love black nail varnish.
Enjoy the rest of the week Nina. XXXX

Nina said...

I love black nail varnish too!

thank you for your kind words. It was for the best to end the relationship - I am fine - but it is always sad, it is never easy. Especialy since I do care for the most lovely person - we are just not meant to be :(

Sweety - please do not feel guilty! Nothing I wish to do! If anything - I wish to inspire and motivate!

Have a great end of week! XXXXXX