Saturday, 10 March 2012

Should I paint my nails black?

I just received two free tickets for tonights soldout Nightwish consert in Helsinki. And I have decided to go! YES! I even surprise myself! It is not the kind of music I usually listen to but I thought why not give it a go! So, Nightwish here I come!

Here is their first hit with new vocalist Anette Olsen called Amaranth.

I had a lovely run again last night, it really is something I enjoy and I get so much energy from running. After the run I enjoyed a sauna and then I was literary ready for bed! I woke up early this morning and attended a yoga class before going into work and now I´m ready for a night of heavy music;) Ha! I must remember my earplugs! Should I paint my nails black?

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akissfromthepast said...

kynnet mustaksi niin sulautuu massaan.. vaan entäs dramaattinen tummanpunainen? ;)

hieno södergranin kirja! Edithin runot ovat kuin tanssia..