Thursday, 1 March 2012

So much... going on at the moment. Plenty of fun stuff. And then the most lovely person moved house. I helped out as much as possible and that has been a lot fun.
The spring seems to be just around the corner, you can hear the snow melting, the birds are loud and busy and we have a new president in Finland.
I have been listening to Salif Keita a lot lately. I love his Moffou album. Back in 1990, I lived in Paris. One day in the summer, me and my french boyfriend saw a small poster for a worldmusic-festival and we realised it was the same day so we decided to check it out. There were not many people, at the most a few hundred. And suddenly they announced they had a specialguest and it was none the less than Salif Keita himself!
Here is a lovely song called Ana na ming. Enjoy!

This little bird I bought in an african store in Helsinki.

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