Sunday, 4 March 2012


It has been a lovely weekend! It still is!
On friday evening I took myself out running and enjoyed a sauna afterwards and fell asleep happy and tired.
I attended a yoga class in the morning and had a nice day at work and walked home in wonderful sunshine.
In the evening I went to a club and danced again for hrs on end and fell asleep with a huuuuuuge smile on my face, I was so happy and so was my body.
Now it is a sunny but cold day. I slept late, made ryeporridge with blueberries and a large pot of coffee. Listened to the radio and fell asleep again. I have no plans for today except meeting the most lovely person in the evening. He is leaving early in the morning on a trip and will be gone for a week :(

My tulips... I so enjoy them even though their "best before" date has expired long ago.

Have a wonderful sunday friends!

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