Thursday, 15 March 2012


I like to think that I don´t appear as a superwoman, I get that a lot you see, where do you find the energy to do all the things you do...well, I can tell you I live by myself, it's just me and my cat. I am not running a household of seven!
My excercising is something that comes and goes in waves. I love to cykle, ski, dance, yoga, run and go to the gym, but believe me, I do know how to be lazy and I´m quite good at that.
I hope I´m not making anyone feel guilty about themselves - there's too much of that in the media anyway.

I also feel strongly about self-hatred, something that especially women are familiar with. I heard on the news yesterday that 50% of Finnish women diet. Because they are not satisfied with themselves. Nowadays I can honestly say I like my body, yes, obviously if you asked me what I'm not pleased with I could come up with a list for you, but I try not to look at myself through critical lenses. I try to look at myself with gentle loving lenses and be proud of who I am and how I am unique and beautiful. I only have this one life, it's filled with wonderful people and wonderful treasures! I am not going to live life consentrating on my bum or my tummy or boobs or how I would wish them to be different. They are my boobs, my bum and my tummy! And I like them. No, I love them!

Here is an interesting article in a danish paper, a bunch of extremely brave and beautiful women talk about their relationship with their bodies and their sexuality. This is what we look like. All different and beautiful! I was very touched by the story of Edith, aged 86. How she misses intimacy with her husband. They often hold each others hands, but one night she felt she needed to climb into his bed, to be near him, but because he has demens he has rails on his bed, so she could not manage to get up again and needed to call for help. But just to cuddle was wonderful!

So please, be gentle and loving towards yourself!

Above is an image of a certain someone who is very gentle and loving towards herself and she knows how to enjoy life to the full!


G:a Affären said...

Hello Nina!
I just found your blog and I like it very much!
There is so many more sides to see for me and I will enjoy, I´m sure.
Wish you a nice saturday evening,

akissfromthepast said...

Hi dear!
wonderful posting! there is so much we can learn from a cat- self existence. Wonderful words you have there!
kivaa sunnuntaita!

renilde said...

Great post Nina, i agree with you, let's not waste precious time on negative thoughts that makes us feel miserable and than look realy worse.
We are all different and beautiful. x