Saturday, 21 April 2012

This cannot happen!!!!!

I feel as if I lost an arm!!!! My sewingmachine broke!!! Picture the scene, you've just started sewing a project that has been waiting for just the right mood/ moment... and you are listening to the perfect "work" music, you are in the flow and SCRRRUNTZZH. I tried everything. I cleaned, I took apart, pieced it together, spoke gently, used a few rather harsh expressions, begged. But no, it is broken. I did shead a few tears :( I was sewing cushions of old scarves and lace. Pictured above. One is ready, just needs filling. The three others are cut and ready to be sown. I hope the repair is quick and cheap (ha, yeah, you wish!)


linnea-maria said...

Fy vilken otur. En ny eller ens en begagnad är inte precis billig heller. Symaskiner är faktiskt mekaniska små underverk. Du får prova att lämna in den till någon o laga (som inte heller är så billigt).

akissfromthepast said...

no höh. Jospa se siitä vielä innostuu yhteistyöhön kun se pitää pienen "loman" Pitää varmaan hankkia poljettava ompelukone, se toimii vaan eikä mitään ongelmaa (toistaseksi-kop kop koputan puuta) zemppii., kaikki huono muuttuu hyväksi :D
hieno työ toi tyyny.

helle said...

Åh hvor irriterende for dig, håber du får den fixet!

Kram Helle