Monday, 30 April 2012


We are celebrating Vappu - Valborg here in the north today and tomorrow. Today there's lots of parties and tomorow most people will have a traditional picnic and listen to the studentchoirs welcome the spring by song. Tonight at 6pm. our Havis Amanda statue by the market square, will receive a traditional students cap by one of the student unions (I do not know where this tradition derives from). The city is transformed into some sort of carnival, Helsinki is a student town with many universities and the student unions are very active and you can spot them wearing overalls covered with sponsorlabels and usually drunk or at least very tipsy;)
It's the worker's day tomorrow. And there will obviously be some political marches, speeches and such.

I will attend a party tonight and tomorrow I will enjoy Valborg lunch with friends.
They have promised fantastic weather so a little work in the garden is also scheduled.

Here is Laleh singing Vårens första dag (the first day of spring). It is my powersong, I need to listen to it loud and jump!!!!

Whatever you are celebrating, enjoy!


P.K said...

Wishing you a happy day.

Don said...

Rock on!