Thursday, 31 May 2012

Anniversary and pompom-trim

Oh dear, among all the other things I'm supposed to be up to, I started working on project "Turn niche into wardobe". The project includes wallpaper, paint, vintage floral fabric, pompomtrim and aching hands. It's coming along nicely and I'm very pleased. It all started with vintage holders, endings and rings for a curtainpole (that itself was missing) that I found at a fleamarket recently. My wardrobe has not been very functional and to be honest, it has been a project all the time I've lived in this apartment. I've had a few ideas going, but either I have not been completely sure it is what I want or then my budjet just wouldn't allow it. So now I have spent 7 euros on the holders+endings+rings and found a suitable pole at the gardening section at a hardwarestore for 3.70 euros! I had quite a lot of wallpaper leftover from my previous apartment and also paint, the vintage floral fabric is from my grandmother and the pompom-trim I ordered on e-bay for just under 8 pounds (incl. shipping). Just waiting patiently for it to arrive! I wallpapered the walls and the underside of two solid shelves with a black Laura Ashley wallpaper. I painted the shelves inside the closet. Also in black. And the curtainpole is black too. The pompom-trim is also black;) I'll show you more soon!

Today me and my darling cat have lived 365 days together! I love her soooooooooooooooooooo much! Lucky me to share my life with the sweetest cat ever <3

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