Thursday, 17 May 2012


I attended a supergig last night. Elifantree. It is such a delight to attend a gig with such fantastic musicians and what I enjoyed most, was to see how they enjoyed what they did themselves too. And it was very relaxed. I cykled home in a mild night, a soft rain accompanied me. I was happy.

Above is an old figurine with broken horn.

I had a knock on the door. My neighbour stood there with a bowl of lovage soup she had just made. Delicious! I love my house!

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akissfromthepast said...

how lovely neighbor! <3

i love your picture whit a statue and mirror.
its every time such a relief to see that there are people like you. i was reading today for my exam.. i was sitting in the old orthodox church veranda- i was there some hours and i saw all kind of difference people walking by :D its such a relief that there is people like you and me in here.