Saturday, 19 May 2012


...hanging around. That's what I've been doing today.
I started by attending yoga, then came home and had my parents over. We enjoyed carrotcakes and coffee and laughed so much I almost fell of a chair! Then I cykled to my neighbouring neighbourhood Käpylä and their village festival. Found a few nice pieces at a fleamarket and listened to Joose Keskitalo perform in the sun. Then I grabbed some nice vegetarian food and cykled home. Made some tea, cuddled with my cat and now I shall listen to some music and do nothing.

A very nice saturday indeed.

Above are the pieces I found at the fleamarket. A cross stitch work -project which I thought very lovely somehow. Not sure what I will do with it - for now I will just look at it. And then I found a small old  photograph attached to vintage prisms. I hung it in my curtain. What a great idea!!!! I might just make it longer, attach more old photographs and prisms - I have plenty;)
I apologize that the pics are slightly blurry - that's just how it is today;)

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Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What a perfect day, laughing, bike rides a flea market and good food .... what could be nicer.
....and I love what you bought especially the old photo with the prism.
Have a lovely week Nina and many thanks for your lovely comment today. XXXX