Monday, 28 May 2012


It's one of these super days when I seem to get so many things done. Sorted, done, check!
Had a wonderful weekend, sold almost the whole table empty, met friends, made new acquintances and got to enjoy great bands and food! And the weather was absolutely fantastic, warm and sunny!
Yesterday I experienced wonderful Rafeef Ziadah, as she performed in Helsinki during the weekend. I was supposed to interview her this morning, but her flights were changed so we'll do it over Skype instead;) It is amazing how you can connect nowadays. I remember back in the 80's, having a semi-longdistance relationship (me and my boyfriend of that time, both lived and studied in Paris and London and I was back and forth in Helsinki and Stockholm) and how extremely expensive it was to call abroad at that time, it was a rare luxury! Letters my dears, thats' what we did, we wrote our longing and love into letters, on paper using a pen!
I very much admire Rafeef, here is one of her very touching poems called, We teach life, sir.

And congratulations Sweden, upon winning the eurovision songcontest! Euphoria!

Have a great week friends! I will be super-busy as I have a deadline coming up within a few weeks and at the same time we also paint the roof of our house (we do it ourselves), so a lot going on. But all good things!

Oh, reagarding my previous post. I didn't enjoy the warehouse lookalike for more than a few hrs. So I changed it back. Now the cupboard is looking for a better place...

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