Friday, 11 May 2012

Perfect match

What are the odds that you purchaise a vintage photograph on Etsy and when it arrives it fits a frame I bought at the fleamarket the other day. I didn't know the size of the photo as it didn't matter - I just loved the image. Oh joy! More stuff for my seaside-collection ♥

I have been smiling at how we change. My friend A is arriving for the weekend. We are first heading out for a run, then to the sauna. Tomorrow morning we are going to a yoga-class and then brunch. After that we will cykle around Helsinki as it is "spring-cleaning-day" when all the city hopefully will be a fleamarket! Me and A used to go wild in the clubbing scenes and hang in bars when we were young(er) and look at us now, running and yoga ;) We will hit the nightlife of Helsinki tomorrow night, so watch out!

I'm so looking forward to having my best friend to stay!!! Have a lovely weekend!

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Cheri said...

The photo and the frame were ment to join! Lovely seaside collection! Have a nice time with your friend!