Sunday, 10 June 2012


Whilst eating breakfast I heard churchbells ringing from the many small churches nearby. I like the sound. Though I'm no churchgoer myself.
 I'm meeting up with my friend M today. She has moved, or is in the middle of moving and decorating. I have planned the interior of her apartment and I woke up to a very very happy txt this morning. My friend is so happy with the result. Wasabi green in the kitchen, against white cupboards and whitewashed floors. She has a wonderful old white table and 12 white chairs in the kitchen. Perfect for hosting dinners for friends. The living room is a combination of two different colours, a darker latte and dark grey/ almost blue shade. The furniture are all old and large and heavy, dark wood. And an antique rug. She has heavy linen curtains and they will look so good against the walls. The hall is white with one wall in lime-yellow. The apartment is beautiful, high ceilings and wooden floors. I am only a little jealous;) Looking forward to those dinners...and so happy to have my dear friend so close. Her apartment is only 15 minutes away.

I do enjoy this cover of Bob Dylan's beautiful Ring them bells.

The sun is out. Taking a little ride before meeting M. Have a wonderful sunday dear friends.

Above is one postcard of my wast collection of vintage bathing beauties. I used to have a cluster wall in my bathroom made up of these beauties.

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P.K said...

Church bells sound so reassuring on a Sunday morning.
There are still a few churches in my neighbourhood that ring bells. Your friends apartment sounds wonderful.
Wishing you a great week. Cheers.