Friday, 15 June 2012


...the fact I was a fish in my previous life, it is odd that I have not yet dipped my tail in water.

Happy weekend friends. I shall attend the opening of Sami Parkkinens exhibition at Taidehalli tonight. You might remember him from the artwork I purchaised last summer and how I had it re-framed.
Before the exhibition I must try to get as much work done as possible. I have to restrain from ice-cream and flirting with guy in the corner shop! Well, maybe I can flirt a little in the afternoon...but only a little;) And life without ice-cream is no life!

Who said you can't have a herb garden in your livingroom? Above is my mint and basil happily together with an orchid. In bloom. The orchid flowers were far too proud to be pictured together with the herbs. They are not happy with this arrangement and have filed a complaint. Seriously! The orchid is happy and I have noticed the basil and the orchid are touching, very discreetly, but the flowers, they are appalled and do not accept this. Very conservative I must say. I've tried to talk sence into them, a little summer-romance does no-one harm!


akissfromthepast said...

this is wonderful- flowery romance in the air :) hehe funny thing ^_^ i like this kind of way of seeing things!
i like this re-framed pictures. those frames suits better for the art piece and makes it look more you.
have a great weekend my friend :)

AnDee said...


Love your words...