Monday, 25 June 2012

Rain and Kvitka

It has been raining for two days! I am listening to Kvitka (Ukrainian singer)and feeling wonderfully nostalgic and sentimental. Here is a wonderful song, enjoy!

I'm meeting a friend for coffee this afternoon, she has been away far too long, and now returned to Finland. I am very happy to see my dear friend P again.

Above is a cover form a 1930's finnish magazine. The cover is painted by Martta Wendelin, famous for her magazine covers and cards. I have decorated our stairway with magazine covers by her. They are so beautiful.

Rain rain, go away!

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G:a Affären said...

Vilken oerhört vacker röst! Tack för tipset , den sångerskans namn ska jag lägga på minnet!
Hoppas du fick ett fint möte.
Hoppas också att regnandet slutar snart.