Monday, 4 June 2012


The season for picking rosepetals is here. I usually pick petals in the evening, place them close to my bed or preferably close to my pillow that is close to my head meaning close to my that I get to fall asleep with the scent of roses. Oh my, how romantic isn't that!
And this petite bowl must be made for this purpose. Only. Isn't it just perfect for rosepetals?
Some may argue that it was made for something else. But I will not hear any arguments. I have decided to be dogmatic about this matter;)

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Floss said...

Yes, Nina, be dogmatic! I tried your idea of picking a rose petal a day - I'm afraid I didn't get into the rhythm, but it's such a nice idea. I've got loads of roses in the house at the moment, because I trimmed the climbing rose that was threatening to block our gateway! A lovely treat to be able to pick so many at once...