Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wednesday hello

It's very sunny and warm here in Helsinki and yesterday our capital celebrated 200yrs as capital of Finland. At the time (1812) it was the autonomous grand duchy of Finland, ruled under tsar Alexander I of Russia.
I'm busy working but also enjoying time with friends and enjoying this wonderful city, in summerbloom.

The lady above is not very summery - but she has most certainly lived her glorydays during the era of the Russian imperial dynasty. It has russian stamps, I cannot read the postmark - it's adressed to a family living in Helsinki. I bought it in a famous antiquarian in Helsinki, Hagelstams, many many years ago. If you happen to visit our lovely city, it's worth taking a stroll in the neighbourhood and also visit the antiquarian, there is a certain atmosphere inside, it has history written in it's walls. I also enjoy their windowstyling with books, maps and other fascinating ephemera.

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akissfromthepast said...

well hello to you too :) this postcard is fantastic :)