Monday, 23 July 2012

A little sunday report

Last night I attended (and organised) the first night bike ride for this season. We cykled along the shores of Helsinki for about 2hrs. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but in the evening it suddenly started to pour down with rain. I decided to still go ahead with the ride. The closer we got to departure the rain slowly moved away and we experienced a fabulous sunset. The city with it's shores and the sea was so beautiful. I was a very happy gal falling asleep! But before I went to bed I may accidentally have come up with the absolute best combo ever: natural youghurt, pumpkin seeds and honey. Try! I promise you'll love it!
I woke up this morning to a sunny warm day. Had brekky and a little snooze and then I took my bike for a local ride. I found a fleamarket that was packed with people. I found a fabulous old Venezia pennant - great, now I can pretend I've been to Venice (yes - I am most defenately fulfilling my destiny of giving a home for abandoned souvenirs! Please see this post ). I also bought a fabulous shoehorn. All I need is shoes that I need a shoehorn for. 

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