Monday, 2 July 2012

A good sunday night consists of...

... chocolate, a purring and sometimes snoring cat and Miss Marple; Sleeping Murder. It was so scary at times I had to turn of the sound;) Now I curse my laziness that I didn't change the lightbulb in the hall (it's a little tricky to change as it has an old glassdome which is a little tricky to loosen and and it is so high up I need a ladder...) but it's dark now and a little scary as there are mirrors and I hate walking through as you can spot things even if you are walking past quickly. I sometimes wish I didn't have this kind of imagination. I cannot watch any horror films, but now we're talking Miss scary is that?

Above is my thymeplant that I use almost daily. I so enjoy these herb-signs made of cutlery.

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