Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I met up with my friend K on friday. We dined at a lovely restaurant and were both charmed by our waitress. We complimented her upon our departure and she told us it was her first shift at this restaurant. One would never have guessed. What a professional!

On saturday we celebrated my parents golden anniversary. Yes, they have been married for 50 years! Family and friends were gathered at my parents summerhouse and we dined in their garden and drank plenty champagne. My mother had asked me to perform a few songs - I felt it was an honour to sing for them. Later we formed a "jamming band" with guitars, piano, violin and harmonicas and me singing (again!). Oh what joy! My mum cried and said over and over again "I shall never forget this". It most certainly was a lovely warm celebration of love and none of us shall forget this sunny day.
This is one of the songs I performed, called Kärleksvisa.

Above are new (vintage) food cups for my cat Muru bought at Butik Sophie. I think they look so lovely. The bigger one is a teacup and the smaller a coffecup. It is the traditional danish musselmalet-pattern. As waterbowls I use traditional café au lait bowls. What a spoiled cat! In fact, it is more spoiling me, as I simply find the ordinary foodbowls for pets so boring;)


akissfromthepast said...

onnittelut täältäkin :Dhieno juhla ja hieno laulu. astiat on kans tosi kivat :) :) täällä aamukahvilla piipahdin visiitillä. kivaa päivää sulle

G:a Affären said...

Vilken hyllning till kärleken! Det verkar som ni hade en trevlig fest för bröllopsparet, jag kan förstå att din mamma grät av lycka av era framträdanden.

Härligt att din katt får så fina skålar, musselmalet är så vackert porslin och blir alltid så dyrt på auktion.Du har väl berättat det för katten!