Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hatboxes and cats

...oh, found another hatbox at the fleamarket today.
If there's something I simply cannot resist, it's vintage hatboxes. The one I found today has got the bottom loose completely, so I shall repair that and also try remove the sticker/ label on the lid. I just adore the colours. 
I found the green one (it has a lid, I was cleaning the box when my little helper jumped in) earlier in the summer from the same fleamarket. 

Perfect for hiding your unfinished projects, bits and peices, scarves, hats, name it!

Monday, 27 August 2012

The weekend...

...was absolutely wonderful.

On friday evening I swam at my local outdoor swimmingpool, they had a moonlightswim-event. There were fires on the diving tower etages and along the stands. It was fairly crowded but I still managed to swim a fair length.
On saturday morning we jumped on a crowded bus to Lovisa. We walked about and looked at the beautiful houses, the gardens, the appletrees. We stumbled upon many old acqauintances (some whom lived in Lovisa and some even had their homes showed). We dined, enjoyed coffee and buns in a lovely café, later some wine in the evening sun and caught a bus back home! We both dozed off onboard!
On sunday we had breakfast in town and took a long stroll along the shore. In sunshine.

Weekends like these will make the long winter seem less long, when one can remember such easy joyful end of summer days.

Above is a little hook with a porclain nob and a porclain numberplate, both found in separate fleamarkets in Lovisa. I just thought they looked quite like a pair, so I threw them up in my hallway. Very important in case I forget where oh where did I leave my hat. Hook number 28! That's where I left it!

It's time to go for a run.

Friday, 24 August 2012


I've been counting days for friday to finally arrive, though to be honest I've not had much time to do so...
The week has been packed with work, jooga, running, my knitting-group kicked off this season last night. Tonight I'm going to attend a candlelight (or moonlight) swim in a nearby outdoor swimming pool. I think it must be a perfect way to end the working week.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Above is a little wooden bird adoring a framed bicykle.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Oh, last night after a wonderful dinner at Manuel's, we cykled to café Engel and their outdoor cinema to watch Alamar. A wonderful, funny and touching film.
I recommend it with all my heart.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Above is a blue vase with a victorian tile.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hot jooga, running, dinner, culture walks and cykling

That is what my evenings this week are made of.

I signed up for 2 hrs long culture walk in my nearby neighbourhood. I love walking sightseeings. And learning more about places I pass in my everyday life.
Hot jooga starts tomorrow. Can't wait. The first time I ever tried hot jooga, I cried, because I was so extremely flexible. Or at least that is how it felt.
I have another night cykling coming up on saturday, we're doing my absolute favorite route. I planned it!
On friday I have been invited to my spanish friend Manuel for a dinnerparty. Once again, I'm in for a real treat. My spanish friends are excellent chefs, and me, I am weak for spanish dishes.
And of course, I shall go out running aswell.

As most of my evenings are booked, I had a wonderful lazy monday evening at home. We're talking chocolate and movie.

Now it's time to catch some sleep. Good night!

Picture from my hall. In the mirror you can see my asian string-puppet. My flatmate;)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

So much fun

Is going on. Jeeeee!

Last night I met up with a friend, we enjoyed blinis and vodka, the russian way. Staggered home a little tipsy! But wow, was it delicious! And fantastic conversation!
Now I'm off to Tampere, there's a theatre festival (Tampereen teatterikesä) on at the moment and I am going to see my darling friend Karen perfom her one woman show called Love me or leave me.

Above is my shadowbox with a theatrecostume.

Happy weekend!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Replacing a laundry basket lid. Worth blogging about.

I have a little nook in my toilet, stashed inbetween my toilet seat and basin. A perfect spot for a laundry basket. I like my laundry basket. Very good purchaise many many years ago. I also like the upper picture, it's fairly tidy. But reality has been a little different, I don't have much space in there, especialy not for placing things on, like a surfice. And since I at times have to give in and think useful and practical instead of esthetics, I replaced the basket lid with a tray. I am pleased with the outcome. Seen in the second image.
So these are the huge, very challenging changes I've been forced to make in order to create a working everyday life;)
I keep my toiletrolls in a rusty old watering can. Very handy.

I am going to see a play tonight. At a café.

We had a great ride last night. We cykled along the shores again, but took a different destination with sand roads. One would not have believed we were in the city! Fantastic moon, velvet sky, long shadows, city-silhouettes in the distance, the scent of the sea, the august night. I simply love cykling at night!

Saturday, 4 August 2012


Woke up to a certain someone demanding food;) So had to get up (I am defenately a servant in this household) and then decided to make myself some breakfast aswell.

Yesterday I carried home a shelf, on my back. Cykling. It isn't heavy, but I certainly made people smile!

Tonight we are cykling again, night-cykling makes me very happy! This song by Mariska makes me want to cykle, I can feel the wind on my face and how this song feels in me when cykling fast! Can't wait for the album to be released!

Happy weekend!

Friday, 3 August 2012


Picked raspberries from our garden. Took me 5 minutes to pick these. The bowl is almost as big in real as in the picture. So there's hardly more than 35 raspberries :D

I also met a snail with a clam on it's back, hanging onto a branch! A rather challenging terrain for a snail. Though a snail might wish for some challenge in life too;)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Unfinished projects

The book-project I can (and will!) finish. But. I doubt the basil will grow into a plant;) Oh dear. Luckily my whole household isn't cramped with unfinished projects. For years I had a large project called "complete all unfinished projects". So I completed my knitting projects, a few sweaters and socks. Completed a bag. Of some projects I thought, no, I don't feel like completing them, so I undid a few knitting projects and gave the thread to charity.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete the chair-project:(
I was in the middle of renovating my apartment, moving and in the middle of a divorce. Most people never noticed it (the back of the chair was undone). I never sat in it. I found it really hard to even think of starting work on the chair. And it ate me because I seldom leave things half-way or undone. Until one day last month, I decided that I do not want the chair. It had a negative feel to it. And the reason is that it was my therapy chair, when my life was about to fall apart and I needed something to do in my sparetime (there wasn't very much of that) so that I wouldn't fall apart myself.
Getting rid of the chair really made a difference. First of all, it isn't there anymore to remind me DAILY of what a lousy person I am who cannot complete a project. Which isn't true, so I don't need to take that sort of attitude from a chair! And secondly, the chair is filled with sorrow and sadness and longing and hurting. Of course I don't want to sit in it!
This must be fengshui?