Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hatboxes and cats

...oh, found another hatbox at the fleamarket today.
If there's something I simply cannot resist, it's vintage hatboxes. The one I found today has got the bottom loose completely, so I shall repair that and also try remove the sticker/ label on the lid. I just adore the colours. 
I found the green one (it has a lid, I was cleaning the box when my little helper jumped in) earlier in the summer from the same fleamarket. 

Perfect for hiding your unfinished projects, bits and peices, scarves, hats, name it!


akissfromthepast said...

lovely boxes, lovely cat and lovely you!

helle said...

Same here!! Love them too...


Cheri said...

Who could resist hat boxes ;)

G:a Affären said...

Både katten och vi har samma smak, gamla hatt boxar är så fina och dina gillar jag. De är väl värda att ta till vara på och reparera!

Ha det gott Nina!