Sunday, 5 August 2012

Replacing a laundry basket lid. Worth blogging about.

I have a little nook in my toilet, stashed inbetween my toilet seat and basin. A perfect spot for a laundry basket. I like my laundry basket. Very good purchaise many many years ago. I also like the upper picture, it's fairly tidy. But reality has been a little different, I don't have much space in there, especialy not for placing things on, like a surfice. And since I at times have to give in and think useful and practical instead of esthetics, I replaced the basket lid with a tray. I am pleased with the outcome. Seen in the second image.
So these are the huge, very challenging changes I've been forced to make in order to create a working everyday life;)
I keep my toiletrolls in a rusty old watering can. Very handy.

I am going to see a play tonight. At a café.

We had a great ride last night. We cykled along the shores again, but took a different destination with sand roads. One would not have believed we were in the city! Fantastic moon, velvet sky, long shadows, city-silhouettes in the distance, the scent of the sea, the august night. I simply love cykling at night!


linnea-maria said...

Vilken fin idé! Det är inte lätt att fixa bra förvaring på toaletter och särskilt inte platser för lite dekoration. Vattenkannan var också smart och snyggt :)

G:a Affären said...

Man måste vara kreativ in i minsta vrå och det har du lyckats med!
I år blev det ingen tur till Helsingfors som har varit obligatoriskt varje sommar. Jag saknar att få sitta ute på någon restaurang, träffa släktingar och se på folkvimlet. Och den otroliga doften från alla kastanjer!
Ha det gott Nina!