Monday, 27 August 2012

The weekend...

...was absolutely wonderful.

On friday evening I swam at my local outdoor swimmingpool, they had a moonlightswim-event. There were fires on the diving tower etages and along the stands. It was fairly crowded but I still managed to swim a fair length.
On saturday morning we jumped on a crowded bus to Lovisa. We walked about and looked at the beautiful houses, the gardens, the appletrees. We stumbled upon many old acqauintances (some whom lived in Lovisa and some even had their homes showed). We dined, enjoyed coffee and buns in a lovely café, later some wine in the evening sun and caught a bus back home! We both dozed off onboard!
On sunday we had breakfast in town and took a long stroll along the shore. In sunshine.

Weekends like these will make the long winter seem less long, when one can remember such easy joyful end of summer days.

Above is a little hook with a porclain nob and a porclain numberplate, both found in separate fleamarkets in Lovisa. I just thought they looked quite like a pair, so I threw them up in my hallway. Very important in case I forget where oh where did I leave my hat. Hook number 28! That's where I left it!

It's time to go for a run.

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