Sunday, 2 September 2012

A little report

On thursday me and my friends attended a moonlight swim in the sea, right in the city-centre of Helsinki. It was magical to swim in warm water under a beautiful full moon, fires along the shore and the firebrigade showering us after the swim!
On saturday, me and my friend, took a ferry over to a nearby island for a picnic. It was very windy and it started to rain almost emmediately when we arrived. We decided to go ahead with the picnic despite the terrible weather and found a little nook where we could hide and enjoy our delicacies. I had packed quiche, salads, hummus, tapenade, local ryebread, cheeses, fruits, wine and coffee and handmade chocolate.
When we finally got back home we enjoyed a sauna and some warm soup, plenty of candles and felt very courageous. 

I just received a free ticket to Leonard Cohens consert in Helsinki. That should be good. I leave you with my favorite Leonard Cohen tune, A thousand kisses deep.

Above is a little bell hanging on my window, it has a very soft little sound.


renilde said...

oh you lucky girl, enjoy beautiful and sexy Leonard's voice, just listened to 'A thousand kisses deep', like a soft warm blanket on this early september evening, x

akissfromthepast said...

lovely posting =) i love your little bell in your cute window. so wonderful my friend!