Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday it is!

I had the afternoon off, so I managed to meet up with friends in a café. Lovely to chat away and hear what everyone is up to and enjoying cakes and coffee.

On my way home I purchaised parsley and parmesan cheese as I had a bag full of mushrooms waiting for me at home - I made risotto. But I forgot the wine!

Before dinner I went out for a fast run, I don't know why I decided to run so fast but it sure was fun and effective. I had to wait ages before I could shower as I was sweating so much!

Tomorrow I have a little work scheduled but on sunday I am going to Tampere and I am staying in Pispala. It is so beautiful there.  I shall be back on monday - wish I could stay longer but I have a few
meetings on monday I need to attend. Pispala will be there so I can visit again;)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Above is a vintage mirror.

Good night!

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G:a Affären said...

Önskar dig en fin vistelse i Pispala!