Monday, 29 October 2012


I am home again. After an intensive visit to Bonn. I have been invited to participate in a 2yrs long eu-project, with participants from Finland, Sweden, Germany, Malta, Italy and Turkey. And the next meeting will be held in Turkey. Hopefully I can extend my stay with at least a few days (on my own expense obviously), but timewise it looks a bit unrealistic :( But hopefully I can manage to work something out. It would be such a pity not to be able to see at least a tiny wee bit of the country/ or the city I visit. As I had no time to explore Bonn, we worked from 9a.m. to 6.30p.m. and then had dinner at a restaurant from 7.30p.m. and then head back to the hotel to finish reports etc.

Now I am spending qualitytime with my sweet cat, that has missed me plenty. But she had the best care whilst I was away - and I received wonderful reports daily of how loud her purring was;)

Gullegrisen is a pampering-name for my sweet cat in swedish. It means something like sweetypiggy...well, perhaps my sweadish friends have a nicer translation.

I did not have time to take pics as all my brakes were short and I had to make sure I got something to eat and some fresh air. The picture above is from a lunchrestaurant that served delicious salads and turkish treats. I loved the green colour and the dried roses.

I am most certainly going for a run tonight, though I have a deadline for a job tomorrow at one p.m. So I might not sleep very much tonight;)