Thursday, 18 October 2012

These boots were made for walking

Oh, so much going on in life and so little time to blog about it;) But I assume that is what we are all struggling with - to find balance. Not only regarding blogging, but in general.

Last night I went out running, it was fairly late, the night was mild and I run along paths in the forest and there was very little light.  I suddenly reflected upon the fact that I know these paths so well, I only need enough light to see were the path runs but I need not see the ground clearly. I trust!
Afterwards I enjoyed a sauna and fell asleep very happy!

This boot or shoe above was not really made for walking, but for holding ink;) Have been listening to this song. Makes me want to go for walkabouts in boots...


akissfromthepast said...

lovely shoe! this picture is like some of those renaissance paintings whit flowers and items..
here is the same problem: finding balance whit this hectic life..
i am so happy that you infromed be about that book of Kalha. it was so thrilling that couldn't almost sleep at all because all of that beauty :D
have a great day lovely you!

Victoria said...

Beautiful post..I especially loved the way you described knowing the paths in the forest well.. and trusting! Very poetic! Gorgeous photo!