Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tuesday report

The weekend flew by!
A lovely saturdaybrunch and in the evening a crazy and wild 200yrs birthday party (4 x 50yrs). Met so many old acquaintances I felt I was in myb teens all over again;)
On sunday I attended the most beautiful namegiving ceremony. As one of the guests so well said, if you want to keep an image of love in your soul forever, this is it.

This morning I first voted in the municipal elections, as I am away on sunday when it is the official votingday.
And in the evening I played guitar, or practised as I have started taking lessons! And made avocado-pasta that everone seems to be eating in Finland. Due to a cookerybook that has recently been published and the recipy rotates on facebook, in the papers... I tried it last week but forgot half of the ingredients as I had no list with me in the shop;) So today I made the proper thing and it turned out quite nice.

You need half of a red chili (remove the seeds and chop) , a few gloves of garlic (chopped), one cup of olive oil, one cup of grated parmesancheese, one cup of  grated pecorinocheese, juice of one lime, one cup of chopped fresh basil and one cup of chopped fresh parsley, black pepper and two avocadoes in smaller bits. Stir and dance while you let your spaghetti boil until al dente (remember to use salt in boiling water). Mix and enjoy!

On thursday I was supposed to travel to Tallinn, but that has been postponed due to a force majeur situation. But early on friday morning I'm boarding a plane to Bonn and returning on monday.

So as my days will be busy I will wish you all a wonderful week and happy weekend!

Above is a nook in my kitchen. I have started to collect guilded frames to hang on the wall.

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Cheri said...

Nice collection of frames! Happy weekend!