Friday, 16 November 2012

Brightlight and vitamin D

The weeks just seem to fly past, even though I feel drained. I invested in a brightlight and vitamin D. I shall conquer this dark draining month! I have so much fun stuff to do! I don't want to feel as if it was impossible to get up to a new day in the mornings and feel completely exhausted when going to bed at night. Or just dream of beeing able to hide under the covers and cry a little, that's no way to spend a winter.   

Stay in the light friends and have a good weekend!


renilde said...

hello Nina, i just listened to Joshua James, loved it,
yes we need some light and vitamines i guess(candles and open fire will help a little)
have a nice weekend x

Cheri said...

Mukavaa viikonloppua, valoa mieleen!

akissfromthepast said...

upea kynttelikkö ja täältä valopilkahduksia sinne sinulle :) itsekin napsin d-vitamiinia :) pimeän ajan voittaa kun viettää aikaa valoisien ihmisten seurassa :)
mukavaa viikonloppua!

Nina said...

Voi tuo on niin totta, siis että pimeän ajan voittaa kun viettää aikaa valoisien ihmisten seurassa! Ihana!