Friday, 14 December 2012


In Finland, many people have a certain relationship to Billnäs furniture.

They made office furniture. The factory was located in Billnäs, a former ironwork village.

Even I have a relationship to Billnäs furniture. My great-grandfather worked at the Billnäs factory. And there is a little legend beeing told about how flirty he was. At a party, where the management was present, with their wifes (yes, this was at a time when there were extremely few female managers around), my great-grandfather danced with the wifes! And on the following workday, he was called into see the manager of the factory. The manager told him off, said it wasn't suitable behaviour to dance with their wifes. To this my great-grandfather replied "I wouldn't have to, if you all took better care of your wifes".

Well, above is a vintage Billnäs file-cabinet made 1949. Used as a stand for my mannequin from an older era.


Cheri said...

Ihana näkymä taas kerran. Viaton flirtti on aina paikallaan ja jos kerran daamit halusivat tanssia... Nuo edellisen postauksen lamput ovat niin ihanat.

Jo Waterhouse said...

This is a nice story! Your grandad sounds like a real gent.