Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sunny saturday

And I've had the morning for myself, had brekky, listened to music, enjoyed my coffee, cuddles with my cat...
Now I'm off to the swimmingpool to do my usual 1000m swim...I wonder, am I a slave under my routines? You must think I am oh so terribly boring! Then to the music-store to get some new strings for my guitar.

Tonight I'm going to a party. Jeeee!

Above is a small geraniumplant  that has been on our stairs all sumemr, I thought she might like to live indoors and bloom until it is time to hide her in the cellar for the winter.

Wishing you a pleasant weekend!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Smoothly. the hectic week is soon coming to it's end. Deadline tomorrow and I am already finished, meeting my client this afternoon to hand over my work. How is that for beeing afficient?

Then knitting (in my case I'll do some crochet-work) with some lovely ladies and off to the opening of a play tonight.
I'm wearing red pearls, red nailpolish and red lipstick. Dotted thights with black dress. It's very damp, so my hair has again gone compeltely wild and curly - well, that's life.

I'm going to enjoy a glass or two after the play and then head home and straight to bed as I have an  early morning and a meeting in town tomorrow. But then it's weekend again!

Whilst working I made plenty of apple-jam. Seen above.


Monday, 24 September 2012

The weekend

Saturday turned out a wonderful and sunny autumnday. I worked until the afternoon, met up with my friend at  the swimmingpool, I swam my usual 1000m and then we relaxed in the spa-pools for a bit (neither of us enjoy it for long) so we headed back home and dined and then in the evening we enjoyed a wonderful perfomance at the Kapsäkki theatre called Saudade - kaihon käsikirja. Bossanova tunes with very very nostalgic lyrics. As the evening was very mild, we walked home.
And left for Tampere in the morning. But someone forgot her camera at home, so you just have to take my word for it that we stayed in the most beautiful house in Pispala, we ate at the traditional Pulteri-restaurant (I had herring) and walked in rain and stormy winds and looked at the fabulous view and the lovely houses. We made a fire in the antique cast iron stove, lit candles, enjoyed wine and dreamed of moving there...

Took the train back early this morning.

I bought new running-trousers and shirt today and tested them in the evening. Great stuff to run in.

This week is hectic. Deadline on friday! But also plenty other things, wednesday my swedish friends are coming for dinner (I had dinner at their home last week). On thursday I am first meeting up with my knitting group in the afternoon, then heading to a theatre opening in the evening and hopefully I can enjoy a glass or two after - IF I have everything ready workwise (I hope so!) - otherwise I just need to continue work. Though, it is looking good and positive.

Have a great week.

Above is one of my kitchen scales.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday it is!

I had the afternoon off, so I managed to meet up with friends in a café. Lovely to chat away and hear what everyone is up to and enjoying cakes and coffee.

On my way home I purchaised parsley and parmesan cheese as I had a bag full of mushrooms waiting for me at home - I made risotto. But I forgot the wine!

Before dinner I went out for a fast run, I don't know why I decided to run so fast but it sure was fun and effective. I had to wait ages before I could shower as I was sweating so much!

Tomorrow I have a little work scheduled but on sunday I am going to Tampere and I am staying in Pispala. It is so beautiful there.  I shall be back on monday - wish I could stay longer but I have a few
meetings on monday I need to attend. Pispala will be there so I can visit again;)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Above is a vintage mirror.

Good night!

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Last night I attended yet another (and final) moonlight swim, this time at our swimmingstadium (an outdoorpool), located next door to the olympic stadium. I arrived closer to 10 pm. and the night was dark, a storm approaching and it rained. I swam my usual 1000m and after enjoyed the warmth in the sauna and felt such gratitude towards life itself.

Today I enjoyed brunch at a vegan restaurant with a dear friend. Then we walked into town in wonderful sunshine and saw a play in the afternoon at the theatre.

Now I'm home. No plans for tonight and that feels good. Just me and my cat.

I received an acknowledgment by wonderful Autuas olo. Kiitos. Liikutuin.
I forward the acknowledgment "supportive blogfriend" to all my blogfriends and readers and especially to A kiss from the past, G:a affären, Stroke of the brush, Dill and Parsley, Linnea på landet, Troc, Broc and Recup, more tea vicar , Quoteography, home and also Autuas olo for all the sweet kind supportive comments you have left.
Thank you all dear friends for leaving such wonderful comments and visiting my blog - I appreciate it very very much. I shall also never forget about the "risk" I took, soon two years ago, when my world fell apart and I decided to write about it here. The support I received was beyond my expectations and something I had never encountered before. I read all the comments and cried and felt each and every word sink into me and giving me strength. The e-mails with very good advise on how to cope in such a situation and the trust and the healing process that started.
I am very pleased with how my life has turned out and feel happy. My life is good.

I have myself not had the time to leave comments, not as often as I would have wished.

Thank you! Kiitos! Tack! I feel gratitude. Life is rich.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Slavic Birthdays

I am meeting my friend Louay this afternoon, it's his birthday. We shall have good coffee and huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge cakes!

I have been listening to wonderful David Gray, I have his Best of -album, and I love every song. Right now I get goosebumps from this one, enjoy!

Above are two lids from russian pots, I love the handpainted romantic themes and finish. I grew up with slavic illustrations in books, slavic animations etc. so I most certainly have a weak heart for slavic art. I hung the lids on my wall, as paintings.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


...seems to just fly by!

I had a very hectic week.
My best friend A arrived on thursday evening for the weekend. We've enjoyed long walks in lovely crisp autumn weather, sauna, wine, dinners, cafés, sushi, fleamarkets, a consert and last night the last night cykling for this season.

Now it's sunday evening. I have a shiatsu-massage in the morning. Lucky spoiled me! Can a week start better?

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a good start to the upcoming week.

Good night dear friends!

Above is a tiny tin amongst my books. Finnish runner Paavo Nurmi in running position on the lid.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A little report

On thursday me and my friends attended a moonlight swim in the sea, right in the city-centre of Helsinki. It was magical to swim in warm water under a beautiful full moon, fires along the shore and the firebrigade showering us after the swim!
On saturday, me and my friend, took a ferry over to a nearby island for a picnic. It was very windy and it started to rain almost emmediately when we arrived. We decided to go ahead with the picnic despite the terrible weather and found a little nook where we could hide and enjoy our delicacies. I had packed quiche, salads, hummus, tapenade, local ryebread, cheeses, fruits, wine and coffee and handmade chocolate.
When we finally got back home we enjoyed a sauna and some warm soup, plenty of candles and felt very courageous. 

I just received a free ticket to Leonard Cohens consert in Helsinki. That should be good. I leave you with my favorite Leonard Cohen tune, A thousand kisses deep.

Above is a little bell hanging on my window, it has a very soft little sound.